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Sunday, August 11, 2013

What A Bear?

What a Bear?  You ever think of all of the phrases that use the word "bear"?

...grin and bear it...have one’s cross to bear...bear the burden of..bear the brunt of...

My at-work BFF, Michele, was in need of some greenery for her office so I built her a terrarium.  I bought a moss medley from TeresaB123 on Etsy here and a bear figurine from DoodleBirdie. She helps me bear my rough patches at's the least I could do for her.


bear arms 1 carry firearms. 2 wear or display a coat of arms.
bear the burden of suffer the consequences of.
bear fruit figurative yield positive results : plans for power-sharing may be about to bear fruit.
bear someone a grudge nurture a feeling of resentment against someone.
bear a hand archaic help in a task or enterprise.
bear someone malice (or ill will) [with negative ] wish someone harm.
bear a resemblance (or similarity) to resemble.
bear a relation (or relationship) to [with negative ] be logically consistent with : the map didn’t seem to bear any relation to the roads.
bear the stamp of be clearly identifiable with : their tactics bear the stamp of Soviet military training. bear witness (or testimony) to testify to : little is left to bear witness to the past greatness of the city. bring pressure to bear on attempt to coerce : they brought pressure to bear on him to resign.
bring to bear 1 muster and use to effect: : she had reservations about how much influence she could bring to bear. 2 aim (a weapon) : bringing his rifle to bear on a distant target.
does not bear thinking about is too terrible to contemplate.

Close Up
For this reason and because I call her the Momma Bear, I included the figurine.  Turns out that's also her family's nickname for her...I love it when a plan comes together. ~ksp

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adennymark said...

Lol! The bear is cute. You're the most thoughtful person I know.